AdvaithBot Privacy Policy

Last updated and effective: July 2, 2020

This privacy policy applies to the Discord bot AdvaithBot#2249.

The AdvaithBot website does not directly store data but uses Google Analytics, see Analytics Privacy Info.

By default, AdvaithBot does not store any data. If a server member with the Manage Server permission uses the prefix command to change the bot’s prefix, then the server’s automatically-generated Discord ID (for example, 398998849026261003) will be stored in the bot’s database along with the provided prefix. No other data relating to the server is stored. AdvaithBot never stores data specific to users.

The prefix data is stored only for the bot to function and is not shared with anyone else or used for any other reason. The data is stored on Google Cloud.

To contact me (Advaith), the developer of AdvaithBot, if you want the data to be removed or for any other reason, you can mention advaith#9121 (190916650143318016) in the official AdvaithBot Discord server.

Also see Discord’s Privacy Policy.

Thanks for using AdvaithBot!